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About Intestinal Rejuvenator

From Dr. Richard Anderson: Best Selling Author, Founder of Arise & Shine

The carefully selected herbs in Intestinal Fortifier feeds the intestines with potent herbal power, special amino acids, most needed electrolytes and other important nutrients for the intestinal wall. This formula works amazingly well as it helps to restore nutrients, strengthen, soothe and tighten intestinal walls. We can take Intestinal Fortifier anytime, but the ideal time is immediately after completing Cleanse 14 or Cleanse 28. Why? Because any intestinal product works better when we are clean inside. More below...

What Is Intestinal Fortifier?

By Dr. Richard Anderson

Feed your bowel walls with the nutrients it needs the most to soothe and help strengthen the bowels with our carefully selected blend of herbs, special nutrients and amino acids.

Intestinal Fortifier Explained

As the bowel tissues receives these needed nutrients and becomes stronger, it will "throw off" undesirable particles. Did you know that 80% of our immune system is associated with our bowels? Some people may experience gas, odors and discharges. This is simply an indication of Intestinal Fortifier's effectiveness.

Intestinal Fortifier: Post Cleanse booster

Intestinal Fortifier

Strengthen and Soothing

Soothe and help strengthen the bowels with our carefully selected blend of herbs and amino acids.

Benefits for Intestinal Fortifier

  • Strengthen and soothe the bowel.
  • Restore nutrients
  • Helps restore normal intestinal function
  • Remove toxins
  • Support healthy elimination.

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