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5th Feb 2017

physical and emotional challenge, but well worth it

After a tumultuous personal experience, I turned to food, beverages and a lifestyle that were not healthy. My weight increased, my energy was low, my insides felt toxic and possessed a low self of esteem and overall unhappiness. I wont lie. The master cleanse was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. It was a challenge like no other. There was a variety of emotions and much self reflection. Each day was a challenge, but as each day progressed, immediately I began feeling results both emotionally and physically. Bloating I had experienced diminished. With the absense of caffeine, my stress and anxiety vanished. Everyday I woke up feeling better and better and friends noticed. Skin problems like eczema diminished and I was told I was glowing. The weight loss was a little scary, but when it was done, I reached a healthy and normal weight. Self esteem returned. I felt better than I have had in a long time. It was an amazing challenge and succeeded. I can't wait to Do it again.

Dominique 27th Nov 2016

cleanse 28 days

All the products are great and similar to the original Arise ans Shine products. The only one different is the bentonite which has beeb diluted with water. That is a shame and not necessary except for the company to save money on the product.

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