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Flora Grow 60 capsules the same great formula now with double the potency.

Flora Grow now boasts 12 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) of friendly intestinal bacteria per capsule. The naturally beneficial probiotics in Flora Grow have been carefully formulated to help restore healthy colonies of good bacteria or flora in the intestines that may have been depleted by poor diet, illness, use of medications or cleansing.*

Healthy colonies of intestinal flora contribute to overall good health and well-being.* They help break down food and other substances, making digested nutrients more available for absorption. The right bacteria in the right amounts are essential for a strong immune system, the assimilation of vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and for the manufacture of B-vitamins (including B-12), vitamin K and various amino acids. Probiotic supplements, in conjunction with a balanced diet can give support in times of stress, poor diet, and cleansing. We have found that replacing beneficial bacteria through supplementation while cleansing and after to be especially beneficial.*

Flora Grow contains Bifidobacterium strains normally found in a healthy human intestinal tract. Many probiotic formulas are primarily, if not entirely, Lactobacillus such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, which tend to be acid-producing and are best used to help destroy harmful bacteria. Research indicates that formulas that are more alkaline-producing including Bifidobacterium strains of bacteria are natural to the human intestines.* These bacterium are found in all healthy humans including healthy babies.Flora Grow is formulated primarily of Bifidobacterium balanced with several species of Lactobacilli. This powerful blend supports a favorable intestinal environment for the many nutrients essential to healthy digestion by promoting growth of “beneficial” bacteria.*



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